Change is now

I’m in the process of changing things around a bit (a lot, actually). I’m going to deprecate this blog and branch Instantaneous Instances off and it will become my blog-space from now on. II will also absorb Bigwoofs Photography, since I sold the Bigwoofs name when I merged my IT business with Design-PT. It sounds more complicated than it is.

You can get a peek at what I’m working on for the new site at

Summer is crazy

There is so much to write, so much to catch up with since I last posted. It’s a bit overwhelming really.

Let’s see, since March we’ve:

  • entertained/housed no less than 15 different people, including 3 roommates (2 summer interns for various organizations, 1 more permanent resident), several of their co-workers when needed, my parents and my brother Travis, my brother Justin, and a random friend of a friend of one of the roommates who happened to be hitchhiking through Alaska for the summer
  • taken a 2 week vacation to see our friend Mary get married in Vermont, then visited Tyra in Chicago, then spent a few days in San Francisco just for us
  • grown my IT client base to the point that I’m now hiring an employee
  • mostly recovered from the knee injury that’s kept me off the hiking trails for almost 2 years (YAYAYAYAYAY…ahem)
  • had a house built specifically for us to rent, on property with high-tunnel greenhouses, garden space and chickens/ducks/mini pigs/etc. (it’s not finished yet, sometime this winter)

Sadly, I haven’t had much time or inclination to shoot many photographs, though I do have a few that are worth posting. They’re on my iMac at home, not with me for this post, unfortunately.

I’m currently at the Homer Public Library, enjoying some rare quiet time since only one person showed up for my “Using Email” class, and she graciously asked a few questions and left so I could take the rest of the scheduled 2 hours off. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, after a week+ of cold, rainy weather. Actually, the wind was so bad on Monday, that Justin’s flight to Anchorage was cancelled, so I drove him 90 miles to Kenai so he could catch the last flight from there before his 12:40am departure. Traveling in Alaska is always exciting!

Tonight I’ll be attending the practice session for the local TEDx event that I’ll be taping all day tomorrow. Sunday I’m planning on helping work on the house project.

Does this post seem scattered to you? Welcome to the current state of my mind!

Registering DLLs on 64-bit Windows systems

Here’s a bit of nerd knowledge I’d like to post, both for helping others and as a reminder for me when I run into this again later.

Trying to use regsvr32 to load DLLs you’ve dropped into the \Windows\System32 folder, but keep getting an error? If the error is:

The module failed to load. Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files. The specified module could not be found.

then try dropping the affected files into the SysWOW64 folder and registering them there instead. Apparently on x64 systems, the System32 folder is for 64-bit files only.

Why didn’t they call it System64 in that case?

Picture of the Week, Feb. 28

This view is for sale.

This panoramic was taken from a lot in the Stone Step Lake development. Skippy, Patrick, Jenni and I drove out there on Sunday to look around. It’s a beautiful area, with views of this, Stone Step Lake, or both! This particular lot seems to be going for $250K, if you’re interested.

I have a ton of photos from this little excursion, I’ll try to post more this week.

Picture of the Week, February Weeks 2 and 3: Make Up Edition

I was a bit preoccupied selling my tech support business and becoming an employee of the company that bought me last week to take many worthwhile photos. To make up for it, I’ll post two photos today.

The first is from Anchorage on Saturday, taken with the iPhone while the plane I was on got sprayed with de-icer. The shot itself isn’t stunning, though the shooting liquid was difficult to capture. What I find interesting is the way this looks like a picture from the 70s. The blurry focus, the high contrast and over saturated colors, all look like snapshots I find in my parents’ photo boxes. I know there are iPhone apps like Hipstamatic that simulate these things, but this shot is completely au naturel. It was just shot from the dark interior of the plane through a dirty, liquid-speckled window. So pretty much the same quality as an average, 70s-era point-and-shoot camera lens.

The second I took yesterday, while traveling from one appointment to another along Skyline Drive. This is what overcast days look like in Homer. Or at least, what they look like if you’re up on the bluff. It’s a bit more boring in town. Not my favorite shot from that location, but it conveys the feeling of the weather conditions.