What’s up with me

Hi. Been a while, hasn’t it? Let’s see if I can give you a brief update.

I took a summer class, Audio Production (T353), and it was really cool. I’d like to put some samples of my work up here, so you can all hear how awesome I am. ;-)

Right after the class ended, I drove myself into a car accident. A large Dodge Ram was moving slowly down 46 East, so I pulled around to pass. It turns out he was actually making a left turn with either no signal or a very very late one. In the blink of an eye, I found myself carless, though unharmed. After a good week of thought, I decided it was time for me to get a car of my very own. Which means I will need to get another PA (Professional Appointed) position at IU, so I can get a loan. More on that in a later post.

Then, I spent a couple of weeks driving with a good friend of mine out to San Diego. He’s living out there now, attending Scripps Institute of Oceanography. We took his car out there and saw many things along the way. Again, that will be another post. In the meantime, you can see some of my trip pictures on my .Mac homepage. Update: the pictures can now be found in my 2004 Photo Gallery.

After flying back to Indiana, I took my cat and went up to Michigan to stay with my family, who had been up there for most of the summer. Nice weather, beach, sun…it was very relaxing.

Then, back to Bloomington, where I find myself employed in 5 different jobs. They are (in chronological order):

  1. Student Technology Centers Mac Team, UITS Indiana University – finishing out my time here, pending a future full time job. Doing software installs, LDAP troubleshooting, and probably getting on everyone’s nerves now that I’m not in charge (but still have strong opinions on things :-)
  2. Dept. of Telecommunications, Indiana University – getting their labs and servers upgraded and ready for classes this fall
  3. Apple Computer, Inc. – Apple Campus Rep, helping departments with setting up OS X authentication, customization, etc. Will eventually do more sales and branding work on campus
  4. School of Journalism, Indiana University – getting SoJ’s server infrastructure up and running, in time for fall classes
  5. Waddell Battery Company – working on my dad’s company website, updating it to add new content, and setting up the site so they can update it without needing a web programmer: Macromedia Contribute

Yeah, it’s a busy August.

Um, it’s live

Okay, due to a concerned friend, I’m going to put this up now, before I’m finished with the style design to make it match my site. What there is of my site…

Anyway, I also gotta update it more often, or else all my hair will fall out. Yeah, so I really better update often!