The Comics

Every day I have a series of webcomics I read, so I thought I’d share them with my loyal readers. :-)

New comic every weekday. Written by T. Campbell, art by various artists. Follows a science fiction fan club through incredible adventures. It’s been going for more than 5 years, and contains a wealth of character development and complex story lines. Access to the archives costs $.
It’s Walky!
New comic every day. Written and drawn by David Willis. This comic traces its roots back to Willis’ time at Indiana University, drawing a comic called “Roomies” for the IDS. I used to follow the comic when I was still a young student here at IU. “It’s Walky!” is the evolution of the “Roomies” characters. The current story line will be closing out “It’s Walky!,” and Willis will be starting on the next evolution of the characters (or subset of them) in a new comic this fall. Archives of all 6+ years are free.
Player Vs. Player
New comic every day. Written and drawn by Scott Kurtz. Mostly a gaming comic (video and role-playing), but also incorporates other themes as well. PVP is also printed as an Image comic. All 6+ years of archives are online for free.
Penny Arcade
New comic MWF. Written by Jerry Holkins (Tycho), drawn by Mike Krahulik (Gabe). Probably the most popular online comic, drawing 175,000 individual hits a day. Primarily a video game culture comic. 6+ years of archives are online for free.
You Damn Kid!
New comic at least a few times a week. Written and drawn by Owen Dunne. YDK! is an adult reminiscence about growing up in the 60’s/70’s, attending a Catholic school. Updated sporadically, though the artist promises to update daily if he gets $2000 in donations (he’s at $1300 as of now). Most archived comics are available, though some have become exclusives for the YDK! book.
Mac Hall
New comic…uh…intermittently. Written by Matt Boyd, drawn by Ian McConville. A comic about college, games, and life in general. Features some of the best art of any comic out there. Archives are online and freely viewable.
New comic on MWF (usually). Written and drawn by Fred Gallagher (Piro). One of the few hand drawn webcomics. Main story arc has been running for 4 years and counting. Think of it as a soap opera/action/romantic comedy/sci-fi comic about two Americans getting stranded in Tokyo. Fred started the trend for webcomics being published in graphic novel form, getting the first few chapters of MT printed in a manga-style books. He also added his own comments to each particular comic on every page, and added in extra material. Several others have followed suit. Archives are online and free.
Real Life Comics
New comic every weekday. Written and drawn by Greg Dean. As the name suggests, this comic is about the everyday life of the artist, with some extra adventure thrown in (time travel, dates with anime characters, etc). Greg also just recently release a book, collecting the first year of comics along with his comments and a number of extras. I’d link to it, but they’ve had to stop taking orders at the moment. Glad I got mine already. :-) All comics are archived and freely viewable.
New comic daily. Written and drawn by Tatsuya Ishida. An incredible strip that covers the gamut, from pets, politics, consumerism, even inter-spiritual relations. 4+ years of archives available for free.
Rip & Teri
New comic every Saturday. Written by T. Campbell, drawn by Jason Waltrip, colored by David Willis. An action/espionage comic, about a retired super spy the government decides is better off dead. Viewing archives requires a paid subscription.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed our little walk through my personal webcomic world. There are plenty more out there, far more than I would ever have time to read. These are the ones that consistently pique my interest, or make me laugh.

2 thoughts on “The Comics

  1. Jenn

    I met Gabe & Tycho at Comic Con this summer. They’re quite amusing and provided some good banter while I was waiting for Brian to make up his mind on what he wanted. They get my approval :)

  2. Ryan

    That’s cool! I haven’t had a chance to meet them yet, since I haven’t attended any conventions.

    The day you and Brian were at Comic Con, my friend and I were wandering around Longbeach, because San Diego was too full to hold us. :-)

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