This past weekend I took a CPR certification course, as part of my overall Wilderness First Responder certification course. We learned how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), which I had never seen before. They’re pretty braindead to operate (uh, NO PUN INTENDED), and really increase the chances of patient survival if used within a few minutes of collapse. Most of the AEDs now actually talk you through the process of using it. Pretty incredible.

I also like my job

I like my car, I like my job, I like my classes, I like my extracurricular activities…this is definitely a high point in my life. It only took 27 years to get here. :-)

Here’s a picture of me at work today. Note: I don’t look tired, I don’t look stressed, and I’m smiling! The only thing that could make it better here is a window. We tech people tend to get stuck in closets though.

I joined the FreeiPod.com scam.

Okay, I guess it isn’t really a scam, but I usually don’t participate in these kinds of things. But I was swayed by fraternity, and went through with it for my younger brother. I hope he gets an iPod out of it.

Here’s how it worked for me. After creating an account from Justin’s referral, I had to click through about 15 yes/no questions about different free offers, including a career in the Army! Then, I had to put in 5 emails. You can’t refer people that are already signed up. Once I sold out a small set of my friends, I was taken to the offer page. There are a variety of offers, from BMG music to an ebay credit card. One in particular costs no money, a sort of calling card. You put in your credit card info, and you’re only charged if you use the 800 number to make a phone call. Beats carrying around a prepaid card that expires, I suppose.

I opted to take the NY Times Sunday edition for a few months, since I was actually looking into doing that anyway a few weeks ago.

If any one is interested in helping me out (a total of 5 other people must sign up through my referral, and then complete one offer), use this referral link. Come on, get me a free iPod and sell out some of your friends in the process! Maybe they’ll get you a free iPod too…

Update: Apparently the Infone deal is a glorified directory assistance, not an actual phone card. Whoops. I think a phone card would be more useful, but at least they don’t charge anything.