A new host

I’m going to be switching web hosts here in a couple days. Revolution Hosting, while nice, just doesn’t offer the amount of hard disk space I’m going to need to serve up a larger selection of photos and the video projects I’m going to finally get around to posting. So, I’m going to move to AceNet for a year. They’re giving me 2GB (opposed to the current 150MB I have) with a 60GB monthly transfer limit (10GB/month now), for a dollar less per month than I’m paying now. That’s not so bad. :-)

They also answered the question I posed on their help system (what OS are they running?) before the window automatically refreshed to show me my own post! They’re running Linux, if you’re curious. None of that nasty, hacker-friendly, hole-ridden Windows stuff. They’ll also give me ssh access, which a lot of hosts won’t do.

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