After experiencing relief from sickness Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I found myself once again suffering congestion and soreness in my throat last night. Based on my positive reaction to Benadryl caplets on Thursday, I am thinking my illness might be allergy related. Since I spent most of the weekend with my family in Brown County, I can only come to the conclusion that my allergy is related to one or both of the following:


After 27 years of fighting weekdays, my body seems to have given in to the antigens. The start of my 10th year (edit: whoops, actually it’s my 9th year here. They say memory is the first to go…) in Bloomington this fall was probably the catalyst. Unfortunately, Benadryl seems to have lost its potency. I tried Claritin last night, but it has had minimal effect. I think my next step will be to scrub down my entire apartment (which I’ve been doing on a rotating monthly basis anyway) and get some sort of HEPA filter/Ionizer contraption to filter out the Bloomingtonness in the air.

The Downhill Slide

Okay, I’m feeling worse today. All those familiar sinus infection symptoms are coming back. What excellent timing too. My co-worker has left for vacation, leaving me alone to support the School of Journalism with only 1.5 months of job time. Today is also my longest class day, ending at 8:30. And, I don’t have anything scheduled this weekend for the first time this fall, so I was planning on going backpacking.

Stupid immune system. WHY CAN’T YOU WORK HARDER?

Garlic Shots

My throat has been really sore for the last couple of days, which is typically a sign of an oncoming sinus infection. I hate those things. So, on the advice of two separate friends, I bought a couple bulbs of garlic last night. I peeled one of them, and ate the cloves raw, with some fresh Monterrey Jack cheese and some fresh ground pepper. Spicy!

Today my throat still hurts like hell, so I can’t tell if it worked or not. I feel better than I did yesterday though, so maybe? I’ll try it again tonight. If it holds off the sinus infection, maybe I’ll start taking a clove or two every night. It’s apparently good for you anyway, so why not? Plus, it’ll keep vampires at bay, which is useful if you don’t have a friendly dampiel around.

I am tired

Yes, I am. And the weekend isn’t going to be very restful. Tomorrow I get up early and go with the family to Feast of the Hunter’s Moon. Sunday, from 9-6, will be spent running around Yellowood State Forest doing mock rescues for my Wilderness First Responder course. After that, it’s to the library to research the history of underwear for a class project.

And the Check Engine Light came on in my car yesterday. I think it’s due to me not screwing the gas cap on tight enough, so hopefully the light will turn off in the next few starts.