Ouch, my poor legs!

I learned how to roll a kayak tonight. We had a training session in one of the pools at the HPER building, using whitewater kayaks.

I learned how to perform the maneuver pretty quickly, and eventually did 7 in a row without falling back over. However, the whole evening took a toll on my legs. See, you’re kind of wedged into a kayak, especially whitewater kayaks. The insides of your legs are pressed against a hard plastic structure, which gives you a lot of stability and control in the water. But if you’re repeatedly getting in and out of the kayak, as I was while practicing underwater exits before learning to roll – and also when I failed to roll correctly, it’s a little rough on that part of the body. So now my legs have baseball sized bruises on them, just above the knees. And my shoulder hurts from performing the roll over and over again. Oh, and my hips hurt from doing the patented “hip snap” that’s required to be able to breathe air again. Wah.

Ah, the things do to myself to learn cool new stuff.

“Gonna be sore in the mornin’.”

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