A Bad Shot

Someone needs to practice some more with their gun. For the past 24 hours, there has been a wounded 6-point buck deer hobbling around the pond at my home in Brown County. Some dogs would occasionally come down the hill and chase it into the water. I loaded the 12-gauge with some bird shot to discourage them, but they took off and didn’t come back as soon as I pumped the first round into the chamber. Didn’t even have to fire.

However, the deer was obviously in no shape to go anywhere on its own. His front left leg was swinging around like it was on a string. I put a call into the Conservation Office and they asked me if I could put it down myself. All we have here for the shotgun is bird shot (we don’t routinely shoot large animals…or small ones, either), so two Conservation Officers came over. One of them took the poor buck down with a single shot at the base of the skull.

Upon inspection, the deer had already been shot twice. Once in the leg, effectively shattering it, and again in the hind end. Apparently some idiot out there can’t shoot worth a damn, and can’t track worth a damn either. If you’re going to seriously wound an animal, you had better make sure you follow it and put it out of its misery.

Somebody out there needs to have their shotgun rammed up their ass, stock first.

2 thoughts on “A Bad Shot

  1. Jenn

    I hate hunters in general. We can buy perfectly good sources of protein at the store that do not require innocent animals to die, and if we must hunt and shoot something we can play paintball, which should be more satisfying anyway because the “prey” has a chance of hurting you back.

    Argh, hunters–.

  2. Ryan

    Hunters aren’t all bad. Since we’ve driven out or killed off the deer’s natural predators, hunters are often the only population control the deer have…aside from starvation and cars.

    Hunters have obtained a bad rep for being drunken rednecks, blasting away at anything that moves. The hunters I know aren’t like that at all, and are very conscientious about what they are doing. I would go as far as saying the majority of hunters are like that, while the “drunken minority” simply has a higher profile – through boasting, or making the news by accidently popping a cap in themselves or someone else.

    I would kill an animal for food, if I had no other choice. In fact, it’s probably better than eating the hormone-injected, force-fed meat at the grocery stores and restaurants. Fortunately for the animals around here, I have access to hormone-free, free range meat at Bloomingfoods. ;-)

    More than anything else, I dislike people who do things half-assed (coming from a former half-asser). The person who made us kill this deer did a half-assed job of hunting, and a living creature was made to suffer needlessly because of it. If only bullets left signatures of the shooter….

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