Rory Red

Listen while I tell you the story of Rory the Red Balloon. Rory was born on Tuesday, when my officemate’s mom sent him some balloons to celebrate his recent winning of the IU Staff Merit Award. We decided to see if we could make one of the balloons float closer to the ground by tying on non-helium balloons and adding a pen.

Today, I decided to give the balloon some personality, and drew a face on it. Rory comes to life!

After that, Rory started sticking close to me. He even followed me out into the hallway. I grew tired of his constant clingyness, and pushed him towards the whiteboard in our office. Apparently miffed at my rejection, he took off out the door and down the hall. No matter how many times he was brought back, Rory refused to stay. What follows is my documenation of his travels.

(Movie is long gone, sorry – RR)

This was shot on my Canon Digital Elph still camera, set to movie mode. That allows me to capture a maximum of 25-30 seconds of video footage per exposure at 320×240 resolution. I used Quicktime Pro to combine all the clips, and did not edit any of them down from the original captures. I used Photoshop to create the end text. All together, I’ve spent maybe an hour on this. :-)

2 thoughts on “Rory Red

  1. Emily K. Adams

    That was cool as sh*t!!

    So…does Rory have like….a girlfriend?

  2. Ryan

    No, Rory is still single, despite wandering the halls here in Journalism, which is 75% Y chromosome free.

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