That Low GPA

Another semester passed, and my cumulative GPA continues to climb out of the hole I dumped it in 9 years ago. I started back 2 years ago with a 2.1 cumulative. Barely a C. Barely above academic probation. 15 classes and a full time job later, it’s now up to a 2.93.

Just to give you an idea about how things have changed, here’s a list of my grades from 1995-1997:
D, F, C, C, A, A-, C, B, A-, C, F, C, B+, C, A, C, C.
Deplorable, really. Here are my grades for 2002-present:
A, A-, A+, A-, A, A, B-, A-, A, B+, A, A, A, A, A.
I’m still peeved at myself for that B-. It was in Astronomy, and I struggled with my old nemesis: myself. If I had kept up with the weekly homeworks, I would have easily had an A in the class. The B+ was an odd one. I showed up for every class but 2, did all the homeworks, but I didn’t kiss enough ass apparently. My friend, who came to about every other class and turned in half the homeworks late, got an A, I think because she went to the professor’s office hours and listened while the professor bragged about her daughter. That’s right, Krishna, you brown-noser! :-P

I’m only taking one class this spring semester, since it has the potential to be very time consuming. More on that later.

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