Catching up

Okay, my Utah pictures are up: Canyonlands National Park Spring Break 2005

What have I been up to lately?

Well, after returning from the Canyonlands, I stayed in Brown County, housesitting for my vacationing parents. On Saturday, I switched out my winter wheels on my car, and had new tires installed. My car is now hot again. :-)

Sunday I had dinner with Skippy, then we met up with Michael and watched Donnie Darko at the Cinemat. That is one strange movie.

Last night, Michael and I went to see our co-worker, Joe Auty, perform in his last jazz concert at IU. He’s a trumpet player in David Baker’s Jazz Ensemble. After going backstage to congratulate Joe, Michael took me on a tour of the Musical Arts Center, where he used to work before getting into technology. I invited Mary, but sadly, schoolwork and a flaky project partner got in the way. And isn’t it strange that the women I hang out with lately all wear helmets?

Tonight I have an appointment with destiny, as I face Sven in a ping-pong showdown.

After that, I’ll be at the Irish Lion, celebrating my overwhelming victory. Stop by!

Tomorrow finds me in Indianapolis, representing Apple at LinuxFest. That evening, my new geology class starts meeting.

So there’s a peek at what’s going on in my life this week. Aren’t you glad you asked?

Stay tuned for my play-by-play recount of Sven’s defeat this evening!

Windows really pisses me off

How the hell do you Windows XP users stand that stupid-assed popup stuff from the systray? I just installed XP on a machine for work, and the damn thing won’t stop giving me its asinine messages.

“Take a tour of Windows XP!”


“Add your password to .NET!”

Hell no.

“Your version of Windows might be out of date!”

I know, that’s why I’m connecting to Windows Update already.

“Take a tour of Windows XP!”

I already said no.

“Your computer might be at risk!”

Yes, that’s why I’m already in the middle of installing antivirus software.

“Take a tour of Windows XP!”

*cries, threatens to throw the Dell*

“Hi, are you annoyed yet?”


How does anybody get work done with this thing nagging you all the time?

Is there a way to silence it forever?

I suppose Windows is so full of security holes that average users need to be bugged incessantly about keeping their machines secure. But rather than annoy millions, why not fix your damn software, Microsoft?

A good start to a new service

UITS recruited a bunch of people to test out their new email servers. The pilot program started today. The new mail account is supposed to be active, with incoming email showing up in both the new and old accounts.

So far, I’m not able to connect to my new mailbox, and I’m missing all emails from 3:45am through about noon today. It’s awesome!

BTW, pictures from Nashville have been posted.