Windows really pisses me off

How the hell do you Windows XP users stand that stupid-assed popup stuff from the systray? I just installed XP on a machine for work, and the damn thing won’t stop giving me its asinine messages.

“Take a tour of Windows XP!”


“Add your password to .NET!”

Hell no.

“Your version of Windows might be out of date!”

I know, that’s why I’m connecting to Windows Update already.

“Take a tour of Windows XP!”

I already said no.

“Your computer might be at risk!”

Yes, that’s why I’m already in the middle of installing antivirus software.

“Take a tour of Windows XP!”

*cries, threatens to throw the Dell*

“Hi, are you annoyed yet?”


How does anybody get work done with this thing nagging you all the time?

Is there a way to silence it forever?

I suppose Windows is so full of security holes that average users need to be bugged incessantly about keeping their machines secure. But rather than annoy millions, why not fix your damn software, Microsoft?

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