A good day in Brown County

Skippy and I spent Little 5 Saturday in Brown County, to escape the drunken debauchery that always occurs this weekend. It was an amazing day. I washed my car, we waded in the creek looking at frogs and snakes, we cleaned up a bunch of garbage by the road and in the creek, we napped on the deck, we had an incredible dinner, and finally, a moonlight drive through the backroads of BC.

Frogs are awesome!

Skippy is awesome!

Grilled salmon with leeks, roasted red potatoes and carrots with garlic and onions, and grilled asparagus are all awesome!

1 thought on “A good day in Brown County

  1. Jerry

    Ok, he couldn’t have cooked this? For that matter no male has that in their genetics to be romantic. : )

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