There is some sadness

These last few weeks with Skippy have been the best in my life so far. Sadly, we only get a few more weeks of enjoyment before it comes to an end, of sorts.

She leaves for her internship in the middle of May. She’s going to be in Denali National Park in Alaska, working with the sled dogs and doing demonstrations for the tens of thousands of people that go through there over the summer. I’m preparing to fly up and visit in August, but that will be the only time I get to see her until at least the middle of September. She may also be hired on to winter-over and run sled patrols throughout the long, dark winter.

Can you see how that is amazing, frightening, awesome, and heartbreaking all at the same time?

The problem with having an interesting girlfriend is she likes to do interesting things. :-)

Good thing I like to do interesting things too!

1 thought on “There is some sadness

  1. Skippy Baker

    You have made my life more interesting! I can’t wait to see you smiling in Alaska!

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