I must be getting tired

I seem to be taking fewer and fewer pictures as this field class goes on. We’re basically learning from 9am through 6pm everyday, and I’m not used to that. :-)

Tomorrow we get a recreation day, and I’m going to hike into the Sierra Nevadas, up to around 12,000 feet, snow permitting. Hopefully I won’t have to talk much, or think about geology.

Good news: I was able to move my trip to Alaska up from August to July!

Las Vegas to Eastern California

I’m currently ending Day 3 of my “Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada” class. I wish I could say I’m sitting outside, watching the sun set over the mountains as I type this, but I can’t. The wireless signal doesn’t extend to the outdoors, and anyway, the sun set about an hour ago.

It’s absolutely beautiful out here, and I’m getting more geology, biology, and botany crammed into my head than I thought possible.

Pictures are up in the gallery. I blew my professor away when I showed him how easy it is for me to upload photos, so I think I’m going to be hosting our class pictures on this site until we get back and can set up a similar system for him. Otherwise he has to spend 2-3 hours hand editing the images and adding captions, as well as hand editing the html to put them on the web. My system takes 30 minutes. Hooray for Macs and Open Source software! iPhoto + Gallery = good


Some pretty bad thunderstorms rolled through here yesterday. The worst of it struck east of Bloomington, dumping 6 inches of rain on Nashville in an hour, and striking Columbus with so much wind and lightning that thousands were left without power. I remembered I had my camera on me, just after it passed over, so I went out and took some pictures.

And, an obligatory Skippy picture, because I miss her:

You have to laugh

I heard Pete Seeger say something on NPR yesterday morning.

“If you don’t want to cry all the time, you have to laugh.”

It’s been hard for me to laugh much this week, but I’m doing it.

I try to do what is right with the choices I make. If I do something, then I have considered it, and found it beneficial to do. If I don’t do something, it is because it is better not being done. This was not always the case when I was younger, and it led to some bad situations for all parties involved. However, I have learned from those mistakes, and will not make them again. I have applied those lessons throughout the last couple of years, and everything I’ve done or haven’t done in that time has been for the benefit of myself and those around me. I will continue to do so until I draw my last breath.

I know who I am. That is what allows me to laugh. Despite the mean things people may say to me, and the chickenshit ways they choose to say it, I can laugh. Regardless of the distance and time that separates me from the person I love, I can laugh.

If you think you know me, maybe you don’t.