Las Vegas to Eastern California

I’m currently ending Day 3 of my “Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada” class. I wish I could say I’m sitting outside, watching the sun set over the mountains as I type this, but I can’t. The wireless signal doesn’t extend to the outdoors, and anyway, the sun set about an hour ago.

It’s absolutely beautiful out here, and I’m getting more geology, biology, and botany crammed into my head than I thought possible.

Pictures are up in the gallery. I blew my professor away when I showed him how easy it is for me to upload photos, so I think I’m going to be hosting our class pictures on this site until we get back and can set up a similar system for him. Otherwise he has to spend 2-3 hours hand editing the images and adding captions, as well as hand editing the html to put them on the web. My system takes 30 minutes. Hooray for Macs and Open Source software! iPhoto + Gallery = good

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