My future is in motion. I’m starting to lay the foundation for the next major change in my life, and it’s exciting. Nothing I can talk about at the moment, until certain variables are made clear.

I’ve also started keeping a journal of sorts, since Skippy left. Things too intense and personal to share with my adoring public. Sorry.

Okay, I’m not really sorry. :-P


Skippy left yesterday. I won’t see her again until August 17th, when I go up to Alaska. Watching her go through security and go down the hallway to her terminal is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

She arrived at her hotel in Fairbanks at about 5am Indiana time. Today she’s doing a month’s worth of grocery shopping, then going to the park to meet the dogs and watch the sled dog presentation. Tomorrow she starts working!

Today I’ve been doing a lot of work at Journalism. I moved most of our server equipment into a new rack and rewired it. Once the project is finished (waiting on some more equipment and supplies), I’ll post before and after pictures.


That’s the name of the documentary I helped make this past semester. We had a public screening last week, and it was very well received. Look for it on WTIU this fall! Another class, another A. :-)

I’m down to 9 classes before I finally graduate. I have my Geology class that’s taking me to the Sierra Nevada mountains in a couple of weeks, then a Revolutionary War Era class will finish out my summer. Two more classes each during fall and spring, and I’m looking at graduating either at the end of next summer or, at worst, after the fall semester 2006.

What the heck do I do after that? I definitely want to get out of Indiana, but to do what? I have too many options, if you can believe it. Technology, video/DVD production, outdoor leadership…maybe I’ll just rotate between them all, until I’m in a position to combine them all into an awesome adventure video production company. Yeah!

Speaking of graduation, Skippy graduated this past weekend. I attended my first ever graduation ceremony after being here for 9 years.

It was held in Assembly Hall, and at two separate times. Skippy’s ceremony was at 10, and she was supposed to be there to line up at 8:30. We, of course, arrived at 9:30. She made it in okay, though.

Afterwards, she, her family, and I all went to a “luncheon” held by the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Apparently $8 per person nets you a crappy turkey sandwich, a bag of Lays, some crappy potato salad, an apple, and a cookie. Woohoo. The funniest part was the identification card they gave Skippy, so she could have her name and major called out. It read:

Julie Baker
Bachlor of Science in Outdoor Recreation and Park Management

Goood speling there, IU.