Intel vs. PowerPC

Recently, Apple announced that they are going to transition all Macs from using IBM’s PowerPC processor to Intel’s processors. Others, like those at Ars Technica, have addressed the technical issues in much more depth than I care to in this post (here and here).

Personally, I think it makes sense. Intel seems to be on the verge of delivering some serious advancements in hardware technology, and Apple is the perfect company to take advantage of them with advancements in the software and integration advancements they are famous for. Hopefully it will also bring down prices a bit, though high-end PCs (of which the Mac is one) are always expensive. At least now I won’t have to go through lengthy discussions about the merits of RISC processors vs. CISC processors.

In the end, what really matters is how well it works. If Apple can deliver at least as good of a user experience as they do with PowerPC chips, then I don’t see any problems. If Apple can make transfering code to the new processor architecture as easy as they show it to be in their demonstrations, that will help a lot.

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  1. Derren

    Dude. You are such a nerd…”lengthy discussions about the merits of RISC processors vs. CISC processors”. You might be talking about D&D characters. Well that’s OK. At least you mentioned the words “user experience” later in your post. Oh yeah, and Intel’s processors won’t cause your laptop to set your pants on fire.

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