IU loves my girlfriend, and a little about me

Here’s the latest edition of the IU eNewsletter:

What am *I* up to, you ask?

Well, mostly I’m working on getting the School of Journalism ready for fall classes. Creating OS X and XP builds, configuring network printers, installing servers, scheduling backups. Fun stuff!

I’ve also been working the occasional evening at freshman orientation, doing my Apple Campus Rep thing. Sitting at a table in the SRSC main hallway, with B97 blasting down the hall…not real fun. Tonight was the last one, though, so no more of that.

Sunday, Kyle and I went for an evening hike in the Hoosier National Forest. We took a 5 mile trail, and got to the end around 8pm. The hike back was in near darkness, with a nice heavy fog. And the trail was extremely wet and muddy. However, we were able to do the 5 miles in an hour and ten minutes, which is pretty good considering the environment.

Now, it’s dinner time.

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