Muskegon Air Fair

This past weekend, I went up to Michigan to visit my family and attend the Muskegon Air Fair.

This was my first air show, so it was pretty cool. The show opened up with a flight of World War II planes, which was my favorite part. Seeing and hearing a P-51 fly overhead in person is amazing. The National Guard was there, touting their “part-time” job, and the Navy and Air Force had their best and brightest out for show. The fair ended with a flight by the Blue Angels. They’re really loud, and really fast. At one point, after the formation of 4 did a fly-over, a single Blue Angel came screaming out of nowhere at what seemed to be just under the speed of sound, and everyone who wasn’t paying attention involuntarily ducked. Many cursed. It was funny.

I took some pictures, but the flight ones didn’t turn out so well. That 17-35mm zoom on my digital camera isn’t quite enough to bring those planes in close.

The C5 is huge!

More C5 hugeness

That little guy is parked under the C5’s wing

They didn’t have identification signs for some of the planes, which was annoying

Canadians with F/A-18s, watch out!

The F-16 looks deadly

A B-25 bomber with a P-51 escort

One of the stunt planes

The P-51 and F-16 flew a few laps together

One of the best looking planes ever

Yes, those are the Blue Angels

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