Catching up

This week marks my second week as a full time student and full time employee at Indiana University. I’m maintaining my systems and network administrator position with the School of Journalism, and taking 14 credit hours of classes in my effort to graduate in May.

I found that, of the 30 credits I have left to take, 22 of them can be electives. So, I’m taking 2-3 regular weekly classes, and filling the rest out with HPER R110 Outdoor Leadership courses on the weekends. Here’s my class list:

  • History of Premodern Japan (HIST)
  • Race and Ethnic Relations (SOC)
  • Foundations of Recreation and Leisure (HPER, second 8 weeks)
  • Wildland Firefighting (HPER, weekend)
  • Vertical Caving (HPER, weekend)
  • Map and Compass (HPER, weekend)
  • Wilderness Survival Skills (HPER, weekend)

So far, I’ve only been to the history and sociology classes. The vertical caving class goes this weekend.

More importantly, Skippy has been back for just over a week now! She was able to come home early to interview for a staff position at HPER and the IU Outdoor Adventures office. We went shopping for a cool interview outfit, and here’s what we got for her:

She looks stunning and professional in that outfit!

She had a great interview, and this morning she was offered the job!

After 3 and a half months of wearing a standard National Parks uniform to work every day, it must be a bit strange to have to get up and decide what to wear on a daily basis. I think she does pretty well, though. :-)

This weekend we can supposedly move into the house we’re renting. It’s being totally remodeled, with hardwood floors, new linoleum, central heat and air, a new roof, and a new screened-in porch. It’s also getting a new septic system, which hadn’t been started as of last week, so I’m a little doubtful it’ll get done by Saturday.

And, one last picture before I sign off for another month, since we look so ridiculously good together.

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