Some Yellowwood pictures

Here’s a post that should have happened over a month ago. There’s some catching up to do.

Julie and I went to Yellowwood State Forest to evaluate its potential as a destination for an IUOA weekend camping trip in October. I also wanted to do some photography, so I borrowed a digital SLR (Nikon D50) and brought my own lenses (Nikkor 24mm F2.8 AI MF, Nikkor 500mm F8 Reflex MF). Since the Nikon D50 does not have full-frame sensor, all my lens focal lengths are multiplied by 1.5, so my 24mm is effectively a 36mm, and the 500mm is a 750mm.

Here are some of the results (click an image for a larger version):

A gravestone in one of the small cemeteries within Yellowwood.

Up close and personal with a purple mushroom.

Up close and personal with a yellow mushroom.

The forest, reflected in the eye of our dog.

The 500mm Reflex lens has a habit of turning backgrounds into little doughnuts. If the subject of the photo is too close to the background, the effect can be distracting. However, if the subject is further away from the background, the effect becomes a bit impressionistic, which I like.

Some leaves.

See all of the images.

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