Esan Thai: Vegetarians Beware!

I hadn’t been to Esan Thai, in Bloomington, Indiana, for a couple of years. My brother Justin and I decided to go there for dinner a few weeks ago, and I was very happy with the quality and flavor of our food.

However, Julie and seven of her vegetarian/vegan friends went there last week and had a terrible time. After ordering completely vegetarian meals, one of the women found several pieces of beef in her food after eating a few bites. She became ill, and didn’t want a replacement dish. However, the manager refused to take back the food, was only willing to reduce her the charge for her meal by half, and argued with everyone at the table. Is the cost of taking back one meal worth pissing off 8 customers? Doesn’t the potential future income from those 8 people and their friends and family outweigh the $10 mistake the kitchen made?

Julie paid her portion first, since I had arrived to pick her up. Her total was around $15, she paid with her bank card, and we left. Apparently the manager decided she had made a mistake in dividing up the ticket, because a few days later the charge showed up as $22.

So, Esan Thai: decent food (finally), but they’ll put meat in your food when you don’t want it and argue with you when you don’t want to pay for it. Then they’ll recharge your credit card after you’ve already signed your credit slip. I say stay away!

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