Home: Driving at night in Bloomington

Julie came down with a bad sinus infection on Friday, so I took over the house/pet-sitting job she has been doing this week. I thought I’d try taking some more pictures on the drive there. They’re sort of interesting, if a bit blurry, so I thought I’d post most of what I took. These document the most interesting blocks of the drive, on Walnut Street and 1st, through 5th Street to College Ave. The drive itself goes all the way out of town on Highway 48.

Construction barrels

Construction on Walnut

Walnut Street

Walnut Street

Christmas lights on the Square

Lights on the Square

More Christmas lights


Lines of light

Passing Cars

More lines of light

Houses and Cars Go By

In the future, I’d like to try this while someone else is driving. It’s pretty hard to worry about keeping the camera steady when you’re in 3 lanes of traffic (or one narrow construction lane!), while driving a 237 horsepower car with a manual transmission. Probably worse than driving while talking on a cell phone!

Also, everything is tilted to the right because I’m resting the camera on my gauge hump in front of my steering wheel. One or two shots like that are okay, but with several in a series like this, I start to get motion sickness.

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