Home: Thanksgiving Day


The Cousins

The whole family converged on my cousins’ house in Indianapolis for the Thanksgiving feast. They have three children, seen above, and I spent most of my time being climbed on and chased around. They have lots of energy. The youngest, the one seemingly draped unconscious over the arm of the couch, is actually in the middle of a somersault.


The Food

Then it was time to eat. Of course there was turkey, plus greenbean casserole (an Indiana tradition!), oyster stuffing, turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes and noodles, gravy, fresh yeast rolls, corn pudding, cranberry salad, pretzel salad, greens salad, and bread. I brought a slice of Tofurkey with stuffing, being a vegetarian and all. My aunt also made 5 different pies, which were all excellent. I know, because I tried them all.

Dad and Justin looking at pictures

Father and Brother

After dinner, I alternated between watching football, washing dishes, and playing with my little cousins. Apparently Mom brought some pictures from way back when, and Dad and Justin went through them with some of the family. I think the disembodied arm is my grandfather’s.

Home: Veggies

One pumpkin and five sweet potatoes

Sweet potato punkin

Not much going on at home tonight. Spent some of the evening discussing puppy mills and animal rehabilitation with one of Julie’s coworkers. The picture is some of what we have left from the farmer’s market. They’re going into some pies tomorrow.

Work: Boredom

Keyboard through a slinky


Holy crap, I’m bored at work. It’s not that I’m not busy: I’m reading Apple’s documentation for OS X 10.5 Server, installing 10.5 client on 2 machines, and testing 10.5 with our IU Kerberos realm and my Open Directory server. There just isn’t a lot that interests me about this right now, plus I’m tired from the weekend. So here’s a picture of my keyboard as seen through a slinky. Awesome, I know.