11/06/07: Class


Test time

We’re in the final days of our Intro to Scientific Diving course, and it’s skills test time. We have to swim to and put on our fins, swim through a hoop, switch out our air tank, then take off our mask an snorkel and swim for 20 feet, put the mask back on, clear it, and rise to the surface. Doing all that in under a minute and twenty seconds is a perfect score.

Today I concentrated on knocking out the skin-diving portion of the skills test, which involves swimming underwater for the length of pool on one breath, executing a perfect surface dive (bend at the waste, head down, don’t kick until your feet are underwater), and doing a mask and snorkel retrieval from the bottom of the pool. I got it all except the mask retrieval. Diving, putting the mask on, clearing it and the snorkel before returning to the surface has proven to be my bane. I get water in my sinuses while diving, then when I open my airway to clear my mask, water drains into my mouth, which then gets pushed into the snorkel while I’m trying to clear it. It totally sucks! And hurts!

Weekend Update: 11/03 – 11/04/07: Home

Julie and I spent the weekend doing off-trail navigation practice in a section of the Hoosier National Forest. We took the dogs, so you get three pictures for 2 days. Lucky!

Ashlee dog

Sunning in the leaves

Macgee dog

Orange is for safety!

We spent the night in a pine forest, and loitered around the campsite until early afternoon. We traveled through a creekbed until the underbrush became too dense, and then we exited up a large hill to a road and our car.

Mossy log

Moss is green

11/02/07: Work

Server Rack

Where the magic happens

Sorry there was no Home shot yesterday. I forgot my camera at work, and both of the digital cameras at home had dead batteries and no chargers were to be found.

Here’s my server stack at Journalism. IP’s and names have redacted to protect the innocent. From top to bottom:
– Exabyte Backup Tape Autoloader
– NTI KVM Switch
– Apple Xserve G4 – Hosts NetInstall images, scheduled for retirement in December.
– Apple Mac Mini x2 – Our test servers for web and Open Directory
– NewerTech Ministack NAS – Tech staff storage
– Apple Xserve G5 – Open Directory server
– Apple Xserve G5 – Former web server, will take over NetInstall hosting in December
– Apple Xserve G5 – Backup server, attached to the tape drive
– Apple Xserve G5 – File server, attached to the RAID
– Apple Xserve Quad-Core Xeon – Web server, attached to the RAID
– Apple Xserve RAID – 5.2TB of storage for Faculty/Staff/Classes and the website
– Not seen: APC UPS Battery Backup, HP Gigabit Switch