Home: On a table

A lamp, a picture, and some money

Tables are for putting things on

Here’s what is on the table behind our bed. A lamp, an picture of us from 2 years ago, and some money to pay back a friend for tickets to a comedy show we went to on Saturday. I can’t believe how much noise there is in this picture, especially in the lamp’s shadow. It’s only ISO 200, but that’s digital for you. Perhaps the Nikon D300 or D3 I drool over wouldn’t do this to the picture.

Speaking of the comedy show on Saturday, Ward Anderson is a seriously funny comedian. He connected immediately with the audience, unlike the two comics that preceded him, and kept us all laughing throughout his set.

Home: Lazy Saturday

Two dogs on a bed

Dog Pile

Friday night we went to a White Elephant holiday party for IU Outdoor Adventures at Kim’s house. Julie gave away a Jerky Gun kit (yes, it is a caulking gun that makes meat jerky), and I gave away a combo movie pack of The Last Action Hero and a VHS of Thumbwars. Julie received a gift of teddy bear clothes, which we then put on Kim’s cats. I first picked a package that contained a t-shirt with the words “30, and I don’t want to grow up” in big, glittery letters, a book titled “About Us” for couples, and a polo shirt for a chimpanzee rescue center. Totally awesome, right? Well, I had my monkey (sorry, ape) shirt taken by Jackson, so I picked another gift. That one was a set of hand-carved wooden spoons from Dave Frost. Totally awesome x2, right? Of course they were taken from me, by the wily and treacherous Katie Vernon. Who had them taken from her by Allyson. Who then had them taken by Katie’s husband, Frank. I ended up with a cool travel mug that has a carabiner for a handle, and top made out of 4 plastic balls stuck together.

Afterwards, Julie and I stayed up until 3am, going through the “About Us” book, and we let the dogs get up on the bed with us for awhile. Our walls aren’t actually light pink, I think the flash made that happen.