Winter, finally

12.7 Degrees Farenheit


Winter has officially arrived here in Bloomington, as it dropped to 5 degrees F last night and snowed all day yesterday. Of course, this is Indiana, and in 5 days, it will be in the 60’s again. Seriously.

Some friends are camping out in their yard tonight, testing out some new gear they purchased and/or made themselves. We were invited, but I declined. There are two reasons I would forsake my warm bed to sleep out in temperatures below 20 degrees. First, if I had new cold-weather gear that I needed to test. Second, if I were in an amazing place during the day, and needed to sleep there to experience it fully the next day. I have tested and used all my cold-weather gear already, and this is Bloomington, Indiana. I’ll be in my warm bed tonight.

I’m also dropping the Home, Work, Class, etc. prefixes on the post titles. They’re already categorized, and it doesn’t matter much anyway, so bye bye!