Macro test

Let’s look at some macro pictures I took with my 105mm lens!

The subject: a Griffin Technology PowerMate.

The following images were taken with a Nikon D80, using a Nikkor AF-S VR Micro 105mm lens. Lighting is from the camera’s built-in flash and a SB-800 Speedlight, set to remote fire, laying on the desk and pointing up at about 135 degrees from the desk. I just handheld the camera, since I had flashes.

1/60, f/3.3, ISO100

1/60, f/4.8, ISO100

1/60, f/4.8, ISO100

Things I learned:

1. Always do a preflight check of the camera. While looking at the EXIF data for these images, I found that I still have an exposure compensation of -1 set from shooting in the snow at the beginning of February!

2. Clean the subject. It isn’t visible without getting very very close, but dust and dirt on the subject becomes apparent when using a lens like this with a flash. Yuck!

3. Remotely firing flashes are awesome!

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