Jump, King, Win

Two of my classmates and I have produced a short video for an assignment in our T101 class. The name of the video is “Jump, King, Win” and is hosted on YouTube. The assignment is simply to produce some content and post it online, where others can view it and provide feedback. The goal is to experience the rising culture of user generated content, convergence of media forms, and interactivity brought about by the advent of the Internet.

We would appreciate any comments you may have, so follow the link to YouTube and leave us a note!

We taped it on a very hot Sunday afternoon, in a sealed off garage with 3 studio lights going. By the time we were finished shooting, it had to have been around 110 degrees in there. Being extremely self-critical, there are several things I would have done differently or would like to fix, but you go to Youtube with the video you have, not the video you want. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Mere weeks left, and a wedding

Oh Emm Gee, I have less than 3 weeks left! Too much to do! Packing, selling, cleaning…plus a full time job that has it’s own million things to get ready for the fall semester, and finishing up my last class, while spending as much time as possible with friends I won’t be seeing for a long time…gah!

A couple of weeks ago, Tyra and I photographed the wedding of one of Tyra’s friends. The wedding took place by the Strahl Lake waterfall in Brown County State Park. It was probably 94 degrees out, with humidity at about 90%, and I had sweat pouring off of me.

The reception was in the Brown County Historical Society building. It was only lit by a couple of lights hanging from the ceiling, and candles on each table, so I had to crank up the ISO to get decently exposed images.

A storm blew in, right after everyone hit the dance floor, and knocked out the building’s electricity. In true “never give up” fashion, a battery-powered CD player was found and the dancing resumed.

Too much caffeine is bad for me

I don’t usually drink coffee, or Coke, or anything with caffeine in it, really. Occasionally, though, I need a boost, especially if I don’t sleep well. Like today.

Unfortunately, I usually drink a full 16oz. of coffee, and then sit around at my job with no physical outlet for my stimulant-elevated state, except feeling ill-at-ease and generally agitated. Like right now.

When I’m hiking, or doing physical labor, it isn’t a problem, I can channel the energy and gain a benefit from it. Here at work, I’m just awake and feeling crappy. Yay!