We’re here, sort of

We made it home, and immediately started taking care of the dogs. We’re also in the process of reorganizing the cabin to fit two people (we’re currently sharing a twin sized mattress), and we should have internet access sometime next week.

Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Homer, doing work for Journalism, since classes start next week.

I haven’t been able to take any pictures yet, or even process the 500 pictures I took on the trip up here. Hopefully I’ll have more time in a week or two, once we get a routine figured out, and all the modern conveniences (like a bigger bed, a desk, and the web) installed.

And a job. A job would be good.

The Road To Alaska: The Yukon Territory (prelim)

We’re sitting in an awesome bakery at Haines Junction. I just at a sticky cinnamon roll, and I hope my fingers don’t get the keyboard all gooey.

We stayed just outside of Whitehorse last night, in a nice cabin owned by Sebastian Schnuelle, an Iditarod and Yukon Quest racer. I climbed the small mountain (okay, hill) behind his cabin and took some pictures of the whole valley just after sunrise, which I’ll edit and post when I have time again. I just wanted to show you this picture, taken the other day at a “scenic site” where we stopped for a few minutes:

We’re still smiling after 4000+ miles of driving, so that’s good!

The Road To Alaska: Halfway Through Canada

We’re staying in a hotel in Fort St. John, in northern British Columbia. We planned to camp tonight, but I’m a little tired from driving hundreds of miles a day, and decided to splurge a little tonight.

I’ll make a longer post later, but here’s a couple of pictures of BC. This one is from yesterday. We drove through some pine forests and mountains, and found this on the other side:

(EDIT – To be specific, we didn’t find a water treatment facility. We found an arid hilly region, which was a surprise after all the green of western Washington and southern BC.)

After spending the night camping in the rain, we spent the entire day today driving in the rain. Fun!

More later!