Boiled Salmon Head Soup

Skippy and I just prepared a supplement to the sled dogs’ regular diet: boiled salmon. Here’s the recipe:

Take 3 to 4 whole frozen salmon. Chop them up with an axe. Put them in a big vat, and cover with water. Place the vat on a large propane burner (for you outdoor folks, picture a knee-high Dragonfly). Bring to a boil, and use a giant potato masher to stir.

Salmon bones turn soft when they are cooked, so we can use the whole salmon.

Now, I like eating salmon. But there’s something about this particular soup that really turned me off. In fact, I might not have dinner tonight. Maybe it started with being sprayed by frozen salmon chunks as I hacked at them in the driveway. Or perhaps it was the consistency of the frozen salmon itself, since I’m so used to fresh salmon. Or maybe it was the smell of cooking salmon, combined with the visual of their heads and tails floating around in a pink stew, peeking through a yellowish, oily froth.

Yeah, that was it. Blargh.

Sunrise on the 29th

Skippy and I went outside this morning to let the old dogs out at 8 this morning, and I ran back inside to get my camera after seeing this:

How’s that for some color?

By the time I had gotten a good exposure, changed lenses, and moved up the path, the red had faded. Here’s what I was able to get with our cabin in the frame:

And finally, a leftover picture from last night, taken after the panorama seen in the previous post.

Panoramic View

Here’s a panorama composite of 4 pictures I took this evening from the boss lady’s deck. The original is over 10,000 pixels wide, so even with the zoom function, you’re only seeing about 10% of the size. If I printed it at full resolution, it would be 36″ x 7″!

I’ll take another during winter, spring, and summer, so we can get an idea of the seasonal differences.

EDIT: Updated the images so the sky doesn’t look so neon blue. Stupid Photoshop Auto Levels…and being tired.

First Raspberry Recipe: Waffles with Raspberry-Coconut Syrup

Make some waffles. I’ve been using Alton Brown’s Basic Waffle Recipe for the past few weeks, and I like it. We don’t keep milk products around so I replace the buttermilk with 2 cups of soy milk and add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar to replicate the consistency and flavor.

Raspberry-Coconut Syrup:

2 cups raspberries
1 cup sugar
4 to 6 Tbs of Noh Coconut Powder
2 Tbs butter/margarine

In a skillet, heat raspberries while mashing them with a wooden spoon. Mix in sugar and butter, bring to a mild boil, stirring frequently. When the syrup has thickened some (3-5 minutes), add coconut powder to taste. Continue boiling until desired consistency.

Sorry, no pictures, we were too busy stuffing our faces!

What makes a good Saturday?

Let me tell you.

1. Get up and work hard in a sled dog yard without eating anything, because you know you’re going to eat in town today. When you’re good and hungry, drive into town and here:

Have either an egg scramble with reindeer sausage, or french toast (made with thick slices of fresh baguette) with Alaskan Birch Syrup. Go ahead, try the homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam on your sourdough toast. It’s delicious, like everything else at Sourdough Express.

2. Next, go to the local farmer’s market. Even if it’s not very big.

Buy some fresh vegetables, and marvel at the quality and color.

3. Walk down the road and take some pictures of the Beluga Slough.

Cross the road, and take some pictures of Beluga Lake.

Remember to bring your telephoto lens next time, because the “all-purpose” 17-55mm zoom doesn’t reach as far as you would like for the close-up shot.

4. On the way home, make a spur-of-the-moment decision to stop at the Pick Your Own Organic Rasberry Patch you’ve passed so many times before.

Be stunned at how many raspberry bushes can be crammed together and tied into rows 100′ long.

Pick raspberries for an hour or two. Occasionally eat one.

Admire the raspberries and the beautiful day you’ve been given.

Wonder if the horse in the field next to the raspberry patch likes to lean over the fence and steal a few.

Notice the sunlight illuminating a berry in a particularly interesting way, and once again wish you had your telephoto, because it’s also an awesome macro lens. Make due with what you have, but resolve to just carry around the freaking huge camera bag next time.

Celebrate your haul of 7.5 pounds, and rejoice as you only pay 1/8 of the store price.

5. Finish out the afternoon by looking up raspberry recipes you want to try: Raspberry Pie, Raspberry Jam, Raspberry Waffles!

6. Feed the sled dogs their dinner, feed yourself dinner, then curl up and watch a good movie. Or, The Last Starfighter. Whichever.