Panoramic View

Here’s a panorama composite of 4 pictures I took this evening from the boss lady’s deck. The original is over 10,000 pixels wide, so even with the zoom function, you’re only seeing about 10% of the size. If I printed it at full resolution, it would be 36″ x 7″!

I’ll take another during winter, spring, and summer, so we can get an idea of the seasonal differences.

EDIT: Updated the images so the sky doesn’t look so neon blue. Stupid Photoshop Auto Levels…and being tired.

5 thoughts on “Panoramic View

  1. Justin

    What program did you use to stitch that?

  2. Ryan

    Photoshop CS3 has a nice stitching feature built-in. I just stacked the individual images on separate layers of the same file, and the two commands are under the Edit menu: Auto-Align Layers, then Auto-Blend Layers.

  3. Justin

    sigh… i’m still working with old photoshop 7…

  4. t-rock

    duuuuude, aaaaaaawesome.

  5. Ryan

    Thanks, Tyra! You need to take some panos of Chicago, and remind me what it’s like to have people around!

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