Sunrise on the 29th

Skippy and I went outside this morning to let the old dogs out at 8 this morning, and I ran back inside to get my camera after seeing this:

How’s that for some color?

By the time I had gotten a good exposure, changed lenses, and moved up the path, the red had faded. Here’s what I was able to get with our cabin in the frame:

And finally, a leftover picture from last night, taken after the panorama seen in the previous post.

6 thoughts on “Sunrise on the 29th

  1. Wow, those are seriously gorgeous photos. I am envious of you! You obviously live in paradise :)

  2. Ryan

    Thanks! It’s pretty nice here…but you’ve got some scenery in Chugiak, too! I followed the link to your blog, and am wondering how you found mine?

    I see you wearing a Salty Dawg shirt in one of your photos, we’re about 18 miles east of the Spit. :-)

  3. Laura

    seriously you two, one thing i would like you to do (in addition to continue posting pictures) is figure out how to (without additives) simulate the feeling of actually being there seeing these things, put it in a bottle, and send it out for holiday presents. that’s doable right? smiles!

  4. Ryan

    Deal. You’ll just have to send us your address when you land in Colorado, and check your mailbox around Christmastime.

  5. Tim

    Man, I’m glad I don’t have to wake up and look at that every morning.

  6. Ryan

    Lucky for you, then, that you live in a landlocked state with a maximum elevation of 1100′. None of those pesky mountains or oceans to block your view of trees and suburbia. ;-)

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