Some Canadian pictures

One of the places we saw on our move to Alaska is Muncho Lake. The lake is gigantic, and sparsely populated. We passed a campground, the only one we had seen in about 20 miles. We kept going, though, wondering if there was any sort of town or just a grocery store where we could get some food. We rounded a blind curve, and found The Northern Rockies Lodge. We dined in their German restaurant, and setup our tent in their campground. It was late, but I managed to get a couple of pictures out of it.

On our way out of British Columbia, we encountered several herds of wood bison along the road.

We also stopped by Liard Hot Springs. I had been to some hot springs in California, but it was extremely crowded and apparently only “mildly warm” springs, so I didn’t get in. Liard is much smaller, and much much hotter. You can actually see the source of the hot water, as it boils up from underground. It’s quite a hike back to the spring, so I didn’t take my camera. It would be really cool to visit in the dead of winter.

In the parking lot, I did spy a squirrel doing cute things in a tree.

I kept snapping photos of it, and it kept letting me.

And then it decided I had taken enough pictures, and climbed further up the tree. But not before giving me some decidedly American sign language.

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  1. Hey! I gave you a B! : )

  2. Ryan

    I know, I know! I’m ruminating on things that begin with a B, and I’ll post tomorrow! :-)

  3. These are GREAT! Makes me wanna move right now …

  4. Ryan

    Thanks, Risa! I don’t know, though, your place looks pretty amazing as well. All those vegetables! We’re going to try a little garden here this spring, and hope it doesn’t blown away or get eaten by moose.

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