The Pain

Big post tomorrow. Tonight, it hurts to move my fingers. On top of the normal daily hauling of multiple 5-gallon buckets of food and water, I:

  • Lifted and stacked roughly one hundred 40lbs bags of dog food
  • Moved two 55 gallon drums of fuel oil (part of tomorrow’s post), one half full and the other 1/5 full
  • Lifted the 1/5 full drum and attempted to pour it into the half full drum
  • Gave up on that and got Skippy to help me lift and pour the now 1/8 full drum (most of it had gotten into the other drum, honest)
  • Hand-pumped ~25 gallons of fuel oil into our tank
  • Lifted twenty 75lbs blocks of frozen meat out of a truck and placed them into a freezer

That’s it for me. Me and 2 Aleve tablets are going to drink a beer and listen to The Arcade Fire. Good night!

2 thoughts on “The Pain

  1. MK

    From this post I am expecting to come face to face with the two of you in hulk-like form! Your muscles are going to be ripped!! I can’t wait to read about the drum-rolling, filling process!

  2. Ryan

    I don’t know about “ripped”…maybe “ripped up” is a better description. I do feel stronger than I have in a long time, but that just means it hurts less when I lift heavy things a lot. :-)

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