Monday is sun day

Several times today, I would look up at the sun, drop whatever I was doing, and run to get my camera. This morning, I had just pulled the food sled (that’s the plastic sled we put three 5-gallon buckets of dog food onto, and drag around the dog yard so we don’t have to carry all that weight) into the yard, when I saw this oddity. The clouds created a band just over the sun, so that I could look directly at it, but not below or above it. It was this faint, glowing orb, on a bed of unbearably bright light. By the time I sprinted over to the cabin to get the camera, thicker clouds had moved in (that’s how fast they were going!), but here’s what I got. That little ball above the bright clouds is our sun.

After I finished in the yard, I figured I might as well shoot some of the ice that’s formed on the plants, since I had my telephoto/macro lens on already.

This evening…wait, 3:30 isn’t the evening. This afternoon, when taking Ashlee and Macgee out for their potty break, the sun was setting behind the same layer of thin clouds.

1 thought on “Monday is sun day

  1. Justin

    Slap a brush stroke filter over that last one and call it Impression, Sunset. Sigh… I miss ice-laden trees.

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