I’m currently experiencing my first Alaskan winter full moon. It rises in the early evening, and doesn’t set until mid-morning. With the snow cover, the effect is something akin to blue daylight. It feels like we’re on an alien planet, though not as alien as we experienced under the full moon in Canyonlands National Park.

So, of course I’ve gone out the past couple of nights and taken pictures. The first few are from the 11th.

I also captured some of the setting sun, apparently.

This is a 30 second exposure. I’ll try a full minute tonight, if it’s clear. The neighbor lights up their trees, I don’t know why.

Last night, we came home from the ski swap (no luck finding skis), and I convinced Skippy to stand still long enough for me to take some pictures. Thanks for modeling for me, honey!

Without the moon in the shot, I can do a longer exposure without it looking like the moon is big glowing worm in the sky. Seriously, in shots longer than 10 or so seconds, the moon and earth move enough to show, like in the first picture of this post.

5 thoughts on “Moondance

  1. You’re welcome! I look like I’ve been a’ridin’ a horse all durn day.

  2. MK

    I love these pics. I especially love it that Skippy has a moon-shadow!

  3. Tim

    “The neighbor lights up their trees, I don’t know why.”

    I think it has something to do with some holiday in December? :)

  4. Ryan

    What, the winter solstice? I didn’t know that called for lighting up trees, though. ;-)

  5. Love your photos. I’m kind of jealous, though. Global warming has made living in Maine rainy and gloomy for six months. . .

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