Natural Art

With the right conditions, our front door becomes a canvas for the weather to paint upon. The inside of the window on the door condensates with all the breathing 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 humans do. Last night, the conditions were perfect: wind from the south/southeast, temperature around 28°F, and our heater turned down to 53°. All that condensation froze, and the result was beautiful, especially lit from the outside by our porch light.

Here is the whole window:

Let’s move in closer!

With my 105mm macro lens, I can get mere inches away from a subject. Let’s take an even closer look.

The out of focus dots on the left of this next image are falling snow flakes, as seen through the window.

I feel like my addiction to photography has made me even more aware of the beauty that surrounds us all. There are moments in each day where I see something and think “that is amazing.” And I don’t necessarily mean the landscape I’m surrounded by here in Alaska, though that is pretty much consistently breath-taking. It can be anything: the distribution of a group of ravens in a dead tree, a building framed by blue sky, the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of bikes in a full bike rack…anything! Being able to capture what I see in my eyes and mind with a camera is the frustrating challenging part, but the beauty is always there.

4 thoughts on “Natural Art

  1. That’s loverly but I admit to an irrational aversion to the apperance of creeping frost. And doesn’t it end up in a puddle by the door?

    I love love love ravens & crows (& birds in general)! Could we see some of those??! : )

  2. Ryan

    Oh, we got us some ravens here. They love dog food, and tend to swarm on the older dogs who don’t eat as quickly. Clapping usually disperses the crowd.

    I’ll setup a blind and try to get some shots of them away from the dogs. They’re sort of distrustful of humans holding things that point at them, for some reason. :-)

  3. woohoo!!

    (I was just told by a white screen of death that my woohoo!! was too short to be a comment, so I’ll just keep talking here til the WordPress Comment Fairy is satisfied.)

    A blind! How woodsy! Can’t wait to see the pics. : ) I could imagine that folks might shoot them for being a menace but do you think somebody might eat one?! I suppose anything is possible. I think they’re lovely and bold.

    Once, back in the LBC, I found a dead crow and I wanted its tail feathers so my dad went out into the street to get the little corpse (my parent’s house is on a VERY busy street, right across the street from the 405 freeway, and 2 blocks down from the LB airport; there’s always some mini corpse or another out there. Poor dears.) and brought it into the backyard. WELL, some of the members of the little guy’s murder (that being a group of crows & perhaps even the source of his demise) weren’t so happy to see him relocated and manhandled and damn if they didn’t hang out on the back power lines and on the roof of the house, peering eerily down into the backyard. If I recall correctly, I pulled some feathers then put him back out where we found him but the murder stuck close to the house for the rest of the day or maybe week.

    And that there, Comment Fairy, is comment content GOLD. : )

  4. Ryan

    Weird, I didn’t know there was a minimum comment word count setting! I’d look into changing it, but knowing I might have otherwise missed out on hearing about a creepy raven wake, I think I’ll leave it as is. :-)

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