Sunday = phone time

After sleeping in until 8am, we awoke to find more snow falling from the sky. It was overcast most of the day, with intermittent snow showers. Not good photography weather, especially since we were also occasionally enveloped in fog/clouds.

I took advantage of free weekend minutes, and called my brother Justin, and my mom and dad. Having a blog means people can keep track of what I’m doing without my having to talk to everyone, but hearing the voices of my family is a pleasure that cannot be replaced with email, instant messenger, or WordPress.

Tonight, the sky is clearing, so the temperature is dropping. We gave extra straw to the dogs, so they’ll be cozy in their houses. We are forecast to get more snow, but I suppose that’s inevitable up here.

With all the snow, it’ll be time to trade the ATV for the sled soon. We’ve been running 12 to 13 dogs with the ATV, but apparently we’ll cut that back for the sled. Probably so we have a chance at stopping if we need to. We’ve definitely had the ATV dragged over the snow with the brakes locked and the wheels turned, with two people on the ATV. That’s some power!

Here’s a photo I took on Tuesday, when Skippy was off for Veteran’s Day and got to ride along with the boss on the ATV.

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