Wall Kitty

Our cat Cousteau likes to look at walls. Seriously. He will just zone out inches from a wall, and stare at it for hours. He also likes to get in bags and boxes (what cat doesn’t, though), and I caught him crawling out of the empty dog food bag the other morning, before I took it to the trash bin.

We got a view of both addictions the other day, when he climbed on our table, sat in an empty plastic bag, and stared at the wall. He even allowed me to take pictures.

Today, I got off my lazy butt and baked some bread. I found the recipe on vegweb, as I needed a recipe that didn’t call for milk. Here’s the result:

I made two loaves. This, the first one I baked (only one fits in our awesome little toaster oven at a time), I kneaded and brushed with egg before placing it in the oven. The second I did neither of those. They both turned out well, with the first loaf being denser and more uniform in texture (as expected from kneading), with the nice sheen over the crust from the egg. It will make excellent sandwich bread. The second has a dull-looking crust, and is textured more like a baguette or Italian bread than sandwich bread. Both are delicious, and both are already half gone in the time since Skippy arrived home from work 30 minutes ago.

I purposefully held off cutting into them until she got home, because I would hate to have her come in, smell baked bread, and hear that I ate both loaves by myself. The sacrifices I make for this relationship…

4 thoughts on “Wall Kitty

  1. I think the wall staring is a meditative technique but I’m not sure how the bag figures in. It holds heat maybe?

    Homemade bread is a good idea… and an excuse to crank up the oven to add some heat to the house. I think I’ll do that this weekend. : )

  2. Ryan

    The bag also serves to keep his litter-encrusted paws off of the table, so that’s a bonus.

    It’s nice to have bread that only has 6 ingredients, and none of them start with “high fructose” or “partially hydrogenated!”

  3. Laura

    Cousteau looks like a bunny rabbit in an easter basket in that last one. And that bread looks so yum!! I myself am “baking bread disabled.” Could be worse.

  4. MK

    A couple of my feline children are wall-starers also. Moustafa in particular, and Yangchen (the flat faced persian) likes to sit with her big round moon face mere centimeters from the wall. I bring home shallow boxes from work, one said “Rockstar” (from that gawd-awful high-fructose corn syrup filled energy drink)on it, and I find it amusing to characterize my kids as ‘rockstars!’

    Lovely bread!! There is nothing like freshly baked bread in the winter months! Bravo!

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