7 Random Things

I was tagged by T at Return to Rural for this little meme, where I post 7 weird/random facts about myself that most people may not know.

1. I find it hard to concentrate when there is any exterior noise. For instance, I started this post 8 hours ago, but postponed it until now because Skippy was in the other room talking on the phone. Now everyone else is asleep, so I can concentrate on writing. Exception: reading. I can read through just about anything.

2. I often feel that I could be better at whatever I’m doing, but my laziness/procrastination/etc. self-destructs my attempts to improve myself. I am working on changing this.

3. I am a wannabe science nerd. Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by biology, space, physics, chemistry…everything. Since I can remember, I’ve also been struggling with the effects of #2 up there, so I’ve never gotten very far with science. I started my college career as biology major, but wasn’t in the mindset for more school at that point, and missed an opportunity to go farther (other paths presented themselves, and here I am, so I’m not mad). On Monday, I’m restarting my science education in earnest, as part of my 10 year plan.

4. Using Microsoft Windows causes me acute, physical pain in my brainal area. It is sort of alleviated by being paid to get it working for other people, but primary, daily use is not going to happen.

5. I bite my fingernails, but if I didn’t tell you, you’d never know just by looking at them.

6. I still occasionally entertain the idea that I could have been a pretty good professional baseball player, if I had adjusted my priorities appropriately in high school. See #2. Of course, my knees tell me a different story these days. Mostly: creak creak crunch OW!

7. Sitting in front of a computer all day has rarely given me a sense of accomplishment, yet it’s where I spend a large portion of time. Sometimes I’m working on a project, like a website or a set of photos or a video, but more often I’m just “looking at stuff” with no coherent goals, or playing video games…usually avoiding some sort of work online (like getting around to doing this list, or finishing up my photography site so people can just download my photos already and pay $ if they want signed prints!) or avoiding some sort of work in meatspace (like cleaning the cat box or doing all those dishes). Part of fixing the problem of #2 and succeeding with #3 will be getting better control over my unpaid, undirected time on the ol’ iMac. Less time slouching slack-jawed while following Wikipedia trails or shooting the Combine, more time on focused learning and/or monetarily beneficial tasks. Slack-jawed slouching has its place, but it doesn’t need to take up as much space as it has been.

Now I’m supposed to tag 7 other blogs, but Skippy already got the ones I read, so..uh…who she said!

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