New design testing

I’m in the process of picking and customizing a new WordPress theme for the blog. My current one is about 5 years old, and isn’t able to take advantage of some of the new features of WordPress.

So if the site looks radically different or even butt-ugly when you visit, I’m just testing out designs.

4 thoughts on “New design testing

  1. Jerry

    ok allow me to be the first to agree with you when you say this theme is butt ugly! ; )

  2. Ryan

    Thanks, Jerry. :-P

    I’m working on customizing this one to make it look a little more like home, so this isn’t the final design by any means. It just has the features I want: decent separation of posts, some color, a wide sidebar, and a simple enough design for customizing.

  3. Jerry

    ooohhh….like the this one. ; )


  4. Great idea!
    I also agree with you that new look of WordPress theme will make a new atmosphere to viewers and commenters. You are going to do right think. Keep it up!

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