One shot before bed

It was so clear and cold tonight, I had to get in one shot of the horizon before going to sleep. I can almost get Polaris in with the trees, at 17mm. Anyone want to spring for the 10.5mm fisheye for me?? :-D

Horizon Spin

Tomorrow I’m going to start using my Flickr account more, so that picture over on the right should change almost daily.

3 thoughts on “One shot before bed

  1. sweet. Uh, and this site just told me my comment was “a bit too short. Go back and try again.” Um, what? “sweet” is too short? Are you promoting loquaciousness or what?

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, T discovered that “feature” on another post. Apparently WordPress likes to encourage wordiness.

  3. Hi,
    this is pretty. Stars and sky are so inspiring. Just bought myself a camera, must try some night photography before mosquitos awake from the winter sleep. They already start to…
    Found your blog cause of the reflex lens entry. Buying one now.

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