Auroras, Stars, and Meteors, oh my!

It was an amazing evening here in Alaska. I was outside, setting up another star shot, and taking some test shots (making sure the horizon was straight, the focus was good, etc.) at a high ISO. I noticed a green glow in the test shots, and as I watched the horizon, an aurora blossomed! We’re also in the midst of the Quadrantid meteor shower, so small meteors were flashing all over the sky. It was amazing! I managed to get a few pictures, of course, so here they are.

These first couple are all at ISO 800 for about 15 seconds.

The Beginning

Aurora Close

Then, I switched to ISO 200, and locked the shutter open for 10 minutes.

10 Min Aurora

And then again for 20 minutes. I like!

20 Min Aurora

By the time the 20 minute exposure was finished, the aurora had pretty much dissipated, though there is a good chance there will be more tonight. I think I’m going to go to bed, though, since it’s after 2am here, and we have to work tomorrow.

Fixing the past

I’ve been going through my older posts, and updating the image links so the pictures I posted years ago will show up. I’ve moved the blog around a few times, changed DNS names, and generally haven’t made it easy on myself to keep a consistent blog presentation.

I also just found that I’m missing at least an entire year’s worth of images, probably accidentally deleted when I reinstalled WordPress last year. Fixing that means tracking them down in iPhoto, re-uploading them, and editing each post. Dang.

Skippy and I decided to stay in for New Years, since it was hovering around 0°F, added to the need to drive 30 minutes to get anywhere, added to the cost of buying any food or drink item at Alaska prices. So, we watched some movies, and drank way too much champagne.

Happy New Year!