The post blizzard post

So we had a blizzard last night. I only know because we decided to turn on the radio to see if the wind was going to shift, and the National Weather Service announced we were having a blizzard. Based on what I experienced while out in the dog yard, this must have been the third blizzard here this winter, because I’ve worked in similar conditions several times already. Basically, I couldn’t face south, because facing into the wind meant being blinded by snow and having my face frozen by the -20°F windchill. Snow was drifting, so I’d be walking along in ankle-deep snow then find myself in thigh-deep snow.

This morning, it doesn’t look much different than before the storm. Everything is still white and snow covered. Pretty much every hole (like the dog poop pit) is now filled in, and there are banks of snow around anything as big as, or bigger than, the dog houses. We didn’t lose power, which happened the last time I think we had a blizzard, and our heater exhaust didn’t get blocked, so it was pretty painless.

After Blizzard

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  1. Justin

    I’m just putting this out there… but it’s 39 degrees here. So it’s pretty much a blizzard for florida!

    “Must be that global warming!” says the older woman, her voice oozing sarcasm.

    Then i punched her in the face.

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