The week in pictures

We’ve had several days of unending warm weather and high winds. Apparently a January thaw is normal, but being this prolonged and violent is unusual. Since the dogs need to eat and be cleaned regardless of the weather, I get to go out several times a day and get the crap beat out of me by 50-60mph winds with rain, and sometimes sleet. My rain jacket is still waterproof, after 4 years of abuse (GoLite Phantom, it’s awesome), but my rain pants are breaking down at the seams. I need to get some seam tape, so I won’t be soggy from the waist down anymore!

The morning after the moon was at its fullest, it set just as the sun was rising, making for a colorful backdrop.


Moon Obscura

Tuesday (just as it was starting to warm up), I tried to make it into town to capture some of the frozen harbor, and maybe some eagles and otters as well. Sadly, I had to brave the Homer Post Office first, which ate up 45 minutes of precious time. I arrived on the Spit just as the sun dipped permanently behind a thick layer of clouds, and had about 5 minutes of usable light to work with. All the otters in the canal scattered as I walked up, so this is all it was able to get. Hopefully it will freeze back up before winter’s over, and I’ll try again.

Cold Harbor

Skippy has Fridays off, so we spent our time between dog duties relaxing, cooking, and reading. We also let the dogs up on the bed on weekends, so here’s a shot Skippy took of me and my reading buddy.


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    macgee looks so innocent… but I know better :-p

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