Today’s Weather Forecast

Breezy, with a chance of snow.

It’s currently 3°F, and we’ve gotten around 14″ of snow. Maybe more. It’s hard to tell, because the wind is gusting around 20 to 30mph, creating drifts that are waist-deep in places. I’m about 5 minutes away from suiting up and spending the next 90 minutes out there, feeding the dogs and making sure their houses are snow-free.

I first went out at 6am, in the dark, because the wind shifted and was blowing snow into the dog houses. I could tell, because a lot of them started barking and it woke me up. I’d only been in bed for a few hours anyway, and had been sleeping fitfully. I stumbled around the yard, completely blinded by the driving snow and fogged up glasses, turning houses and trying not to think about all the tacos and margaritas I had consumed at a party last night, rolling around in my upset tummy, occasionally reappearing in wet burps. Blarg.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Weather Forecast

  1. Meagan

    That doesn’t sound like fun weather. Our 12.8″ of snow is bad enough. I like a little winter, but I’m ready for spring.

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, we just spent the last 4 hours under a blizzard warning, and were supposed to stay off the roads and inside if possible. Our cars are surrounded by about 3 feet of drifted snow, so we wouldn’t be able to leave anyway.

    Our winter will end sometime in early May. It’s not called spring though, it’s called “melt-out,” and it’s a terrible, muddy mess. But then it’s summer, and we get all the daylight we can handle for 4 months. :-)

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