A photo-rich post!

I’ve started taking pictures again, after a couple weeks off. There have been too many good scenes to resist!

First, a moonset and sunrise. Both of these images were created using an HDR plugin for Aperture, made by HDRsoft. I take multiple exposures of the same scene, and use the plugin to combine them into one superphoto, and then tweak the settings until I get a satisfactory image.

Before sunrise, the crescent moon was hanging over the mountains, surrounded by purple sky. This photo consists of 3 separate exposures.

Moonset HDR

Then, the sunrise began. This photo was made from 6 separate exposures.

Sunrise HDR

It was foggy most of the day Wednesday, and the resulting moisture froze overnight, leaving a coating of ice over everything.

Chainlink Frost 1

Chainlink Frost 2

Evergreen Frost

As I was preparing to feed the dogs last night, the sky lit up with one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve seen here. We’re on the downward slope of an east-facing hill, so we missed the full effect, but here’s what I could capture.

Full View Sunset

Evergreen Sunset

Dog Yard Sunset

Too bad we don’t have a more scenic foreground, but it’ll do for now.

3 thoughts on “A photo-rich post!

  1. Justin

    I must have moonset and the evergreen… but they’re not in your gallery! (tear)

  2. Alaska’s ever-changing light is one of the best things about living up here. It even makes -50F bearable… tho I’m really glad we’re on our way to break-up. Gorgeous photos.

  3. Ryan

    Thanks, Kristin! I’m really enjoying February, more so than I ever did back in Indiana. January was so dark in comparison.

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