Another day at the beach

Sunday, we took Ashlee and Macgee with us to run errands in town, then took them to the Spit to run around on the beach. Last time, it was covered in ice, but this time it was just really really rocky. And cold. Very cold.


Skippy took Macgee’s leash and walked around while I took pictures. The sun is still at about a 40° angle from the horizon most of the day, so the pictures are super contrasty.


I think I need to go down and take pictures later in the day, maybe just before and during sunset. If I don’t do it soon, I’ll have to wait until after midnight to capture a sunset.

Rocky Beach

Ashlee Runs

Macgee even crept out into the water, and he’s usually apathetic, if not outright aquaphobic sometimes. He actually enjoyed it this time, pouncing on kelp and nosing under rocks for new smells.

Macgee Smile

5 thoughts on “Another day at the beach

  1. Sara P

    Man, I miss those doggies, especially Cuddle Bear MacGee.

  2. Gorgeous! Rocky coastlines are my favorite type of landscape.

  3. Gorgeous pix! I so love rocks, and look at the marvelous wavy textures everywhere!

  4. Ryan

    Well, if there’s one thing the beaches around Homer have, it’s a bunch of rocks. I’m hoping that this summer, there will be cool things to see when I turn some of them over!

  5. Krishna

    Ryan i need to come visit. Your pics make it seem like paradise!! BTW you’re now a huge hit in the office!

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